definition of keen

who is enthusiastic

definition of keen ,

Person Who feels enthusiastic about something or someone or who gets excited easily. an enthusiastic follower; a work enthusiast; he was not too enthusiastic about the novelty

The first definition of enthusiast in the dictionary of the real academy of the Spanish language is that you feel enthusiasm for someone or something.

Another meaning of enthusiast in the dictionary is prone to get excited. Enthusiastic is also enthusiastic.

ADJECTIVE definition of keen

That is done with enthusiasm or that implies or denotes enthusiasm. an enthusiastic compliment; received an enthusiastic welcome; wrote an enthusiastic article

Definition of enthusiast

The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek and means to have a God within you.

The person enthusiastic or enthusiastic was one who was taken by one of the gods, guided by his strength and wisdom, and for that reason could transform the surrounding nature and make them happen. things.

Only enthusiastic people were able to overcome the challenges of everyday life. It was therefore necessary to get excited to solve the problems that were presented and to move to a new situation.

Enthusiasm is not a quality that is built or developed. It is a state defe, of affirmation of itself.

enthusiasm synonym

The enthusiastic person who believes in her ability to transform things, believes in herself, believes in others, believes in the strength she has to transform the world and her own reality. It is driven to act in the world, atransformarlo, moved by force and certainty in their actions.

Enthusiasm is what gives a new vision of life. Enthusiasm is different from optimism. Many people confuse optimism with enthusiasm.

Optimism means to believe that something favorable is going to happen, even to hope that this happens, is to see the positive side of things, it is a kind attitude to the events that occur.

On the contrary, enthusiasm is action and transformation, it is the reconciliation between unomism and the facts, things. There is only one way to be enthusiastic, acting enthusiastically.

If we had to hope to have the ideal conditions first, then we would get excited, we would never get excited about anything, because we would always have reasons not to get excited. It is not “the things that go well” that brings enthusiasm, it is the enthusiasm that makes us do things well.

There are people who wait for conditions to improve, for success to come, for their work to improve, for their relationship to improve or for their family to get excited. “The truth is that they will never get excited about something.

If we believe that it is impossible to be enthusiastic about Current conditions in which we wanted to live, most likely will never come out of that situation.

It is necessary to believe in oneself, in the ability to do, to transform and transform the reality that surrounds us. Let go of all the negativity, stop uniting all the skepticism, stop being incredulous and be enthusiastic with life, with those around us and with oneself

Enthusiasm meaning

Enthusiasm Enthusiasm is the exaltation of the state of mind that is produced by some person or action that captivates us and generates admiration.

The term has its root in the late Latin language, the word enthusiasmus goes back to the Greek and its meaning was: to have a god within you.

The enthusiastic person, then, was one who was guided by the wisdom and strength of a god, capable of making all sorts of things happen.

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