Definition of matter

Definition of matter

In general terms, it is known as matter to that substance of which the physical bodies are composed, which has elementary particles and has properties such as inertia, gravitation and extension.

The word matter, both at the request of physics and philosophy, is the term used to refer to those issues inherent in the objective material reality, because matter is considered as that which will form the sensitive part of objects that can to be seen and detected through physical means since they occupy a certain space, they can be seen, touched, felt, measured, among other possibilities.

Then, the three characteristic properties of matter are: that it occupies a certain place in space, that it has mass and a duration in time.

Likewise, in ordinary language the term of matter is almost daily used when referring to a topic or topic, for example, in the discussion that may occur within a political party, the theme of the next elections is a matter that will appear in the index of matters to be treated when the next meeting of the same is carried out.

But on the other hand and in an academic context, the subject term will refer to a subject. Social Sciences, Mathematics, Language and Literature, Biology, History, Civic Instruction, Geography, among others, correspond to what in the educational environment is generally referred to as subjects of study.

On the other hand, when someone talks about gray matter, is not referring to any kind of plausible matter to receive a particular color, but in the context of anatomy, gray matter is called that covers and is part of our central nervous system and which is in charge of the realization of the main brain functions. It was given that name because it has a grayish tone.

And on the other hand, the other widely known and widespread type of material is the raw material, which refers to each of the materials extracted from nature and which serve to transform it and subsequently create consumer goods. Depending on the origin they have, they are classified as vegetable, animal and mineral, such as wood, skins, iron, among others.

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