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What is Expulsion:

Expulsion means the act of expelling, that is, of removing someone or something .

Comes from the Latin word expulsare composed of the prefix ex which means ‘outward’, and the conjugation of the verb pellere which means “to throw, push or push.”

Socially, expulsion is a sanction that is applied to a person who has broken the contract or social pact and who consists of separating or removing him from the group of definitively belonging, whatever its nature.

The term is generally used in various contexts and implies different degrees of severity according to them. Thus, an expulsion can be executed in the political, legal, scientific, sports, school and institutional, among others.

Thus, the word expulsion is usually related to terms such as extraction, elimination, extradition, exile, exile , deportation, dismissal, dismissal or overthrow.

Expulsion in the legal-political sphere

In the juridical-political sphere the expulsion is applied against foreigners by various factors. From the legal point of view, the justifications for the expulsion of a foreigner are usually three: 1) not having residence documents; 2) to have committed a crime that includes the punishment of expulsion and, 3) to conspire against the government of the host country.

However, there have been many occasions in history when the expulsion of foreigners has state related to intolerance, racism and xenophobia, sometimes masked in legal, social, religious or economic justifications. An example is the case of the expulsion of Jews and Moors in the Iberian Peninsula in the fifteenth century.

Expulsion in sport

In what refers to sports , unsportsmanlike conduct, disrespect of the rules of the game and disrespect to the disciplinary rules of the team may lead to the expulsion of the player. Example: “Due to their unsportsmanlike behavior, they had to expel him from the team.”

Expulsion in education

The same happens also in the educational environment from education basic until university education. Discipline, constant disrespect to authority, hate crimes on campus, abusive behavior, frequent insistence and, to a lesser degree, a terrible academic performance, constitute causes for expulsion from the educational community, which may be partial or total according to the seriousness of the matter. Example: “To discipline the student, the principal of the school decided to expel him from school for three days.”

Expulsion in science

One can also speak of expulsion in relation to objects or bodies in the scientific field . Examples of the use of the term expulsion in science:

  • “The rapid expulsion of gases is what mobilizes the rocket” (Physics).
  • “The second period of childbirth culminates with the total expulsion of the fetus “(Medicine).
  • ” An expulsion is a small, generally conical cavity in a horizontal concrete surface that occurs after a particle of the aggregates (or aggregates) close to the surface it has expanded or fractured. ” NMRCA: Concrete in practice .

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