Meaning of the pink color

What does the color pink mean?

Meaning of the pink color

Meaning of the pink color the color pink is the most sentimental and sensitive of all colors, therefore, if we talk about feelings it represents love, affection, sensitivity and tenderness.

All are positive feelings, pink never symbolizes anything negative contrary to most colors that do. For all this, the color pink brings happiness and well-being and represents kind and innocent people.

As for love, this color only reflects the affectionate part, that of the true and lasting feelings; On the other hand, the red color is in charge. It also often symbolizes romance, both for the sensual and sweet touch it has and for the joy that is felt during the relationship. Meaning of the different shades of pink

In addition, it is a color that has always been used to represent the feminine and contrary to the blue color, since this would represent the masculine; although currently it is used by both men and women thanks to the women’s liberation movements of the mid-60s, but still it continues to be associated with femininity. If you look, many of the products intended for women come in pink packaging.

The color pink

is also related to motherhood because of the affectionate and protective connotations it has and to symbolize childhood and ingenuity.
People who choose pink as their color are often, in addition to being sensitive and sentimental, people who are sacrificed, determined, strong, delicate, harmonious and very affectionate; they usually have a great capacity to fight for what they want and to make their dreams come true, they need to show their affection to others as well as others to show them to know that their life makes sense.

In relation to the sensations that this color can convey, they are always good and delicate; It usually provides a lot of tranquility, calmness and relaxation, so in times of stress it is not bad to surround yourself with places or pink objects.

motionally you can create a lot of well-being and inner peace, that’s why the phrase “see the world of pink color” is used to express total and absolute well-being and complete happiness. Meaning of the color pink

On the other hand, dreaming of the color pink in its different shades has a very positive meaning in most cases and is associated with sensuality, affection, affection, sweetness and at the beginning of a love or interesting events together with His couple.

It is important to remember how this color appears in the dream, in terms of quantity, objects and situations, since if the rose is shown for example in a broken object it can be an alert about possible deceptions, disappointments or possessions in danger.

However, if the color is presented in pleasant situations surely means the good harmony that exists between a couple.

For the Catholic religion, pink represents joy and happiness. According to the author Eva Heller, the liturgical pink color appeared in the year 1729 as the Catholic Church welcomed him to take as a donation the large amount of clothing he received from the European nobility that was in fashion at that time (the Rococo period).

Pink color represents

The pink color is a relaxing color that influences the feelings inviting to be gentle, soft and deep, and induciéndonos in this way to feel affection, love and protection. The key words that are associated with the Rose are innocence, love, dedication and generosity.

Today I invite you to see the world of pink.

The pink color is born from the combination between red and white, which are opposite and psychologically opposed colors, and therefore the pink, as intermediate color, acquires qualities of both, but also enjoys a character of its own: there are concepts and feelings that only They can be described by pink, and also all the feelings associated with this color are always positive. Pink is the color of which no one can say anything wrong.

As opposite colors, red and white face strength to weakness, activity to passivity, fire against ice. Pink is the ideal midpoint between both ends: gentle force, energy without agitation and pleasant temperature. The pink is like a baby: The green is the color of the vegetal life, the red one of the animal life and the Rose of the young life.

The psychological opposite of pink is black, and women and young men often prefer black and despise pink, because they consider it a childish color. However, older women like pink as a young color, and the older they are, the more predilection they have for him.

We will go into detail about the most representative characteristics and influences of the pink color.


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